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Art Collection Management offers tailored services to the individual and corporate collection.

Art Collection Financials - We put together annual and quarterly financial profiles on your art collection sales, cost basis (all costs applied to artworks), 1031 Exchanges and donations to reflect total capital gains implications. This package is provided to your financial team. We also coordinate the 1031 Exchange process, State Board of Equalization packages for loans and End of year donations practices.

Acquisitions - We work with the collector on all aspects of purchasing an artwork. From advising to building a collection we orchestrate every detail of the transaction with the gallery or auction house.

Sales - We will discuss with you the best options and strategy for selling a work (s) of art, including private dealers, auction houses and consultants.

Charitable Donations - We put together art donation packages to present to institutions across the country, as well as coordinating the donation appraisal and tax documents for your financial team.

Insurance - We provide quarterly insurance reports and review your current insurance policy, making suggestions as needed. The value of your collection will fluctuate with the market and we coordinate appraisals as needed.

Exhibitions - We handle loans to institutions and have a strict protocols while works are on exhibition.

Maintenance - We oversee appraisals, purchases, sales, exhibitions, storage, installation, shipping, condition reports and make sure all important information is secured into a digital database. Monthly activity reports are provided.